1, 2, 3, 14, 48, 5

Welcome to the new math for crossfit! Oh maybe that’s just my math.  It seems whenever I have count large reps, or multiple rounds to count, I always look track.  I think sometimes I want to do it on purpose.  Some times I get to distracted by something.  I will literally pause and say to myself was that 5 or 8?  Really…..And of course if I want to take the  easy road especially if it’s on a movement I despise, I will say 8.  But not always.

Today’s WOD was 5X5 of Tall cleans.  I only got thru 3 rounds of 5 because something got into my eye.  I couldn’t see and my eye was super irritated but I am pretty sure that my tall clean was a PR!! And I promise…I wasn’t crying in crossfit…there really was something in my eye.

The second part of the workout was 3 rounds- 50 front squats; 20 pull ups; 20 ring dips. 150 squat….ugh….double ugh for the fact that it was front squats.  Everytime we have front squats of any kind, I get tired of hearing Elbows Up! I was determined to not hear that as much today.  The prescribed weight was 35# for girls.  I went for 25#.  That made seem light for me but my front squats are one of my worse lifts because of my squats, staying in my heels (or lack thereof) , and my elbows not staying up.  So for me, I took 25#

Now my first squat, I thought to myself, hey this is really light.  This is not going to be too bad.  That thought left after about rep 25 or was it 28?  I was feeling it and I could feel myself coming up on my toes.  I went to my first round of ring rows and managed to do 11 unbroken.  Quick breath. 9 more.  Moving on to ring dips.  I think I need to revamp my end of 2012 goal of 1 strict ring dip…What I was doing today was not nearly even a jumping ring dip I don’t think.  I got thru them and went on to the second round. 

I was trying really hard to make up some time but I don’t think I did.  Finished round 2 and went on to round 3.  This is where I really started losing count.  I was so focused on the board in front of me that I really felt I was double counting reps.  I started doing them in sets of 5.  It made it easier but I looked at the clock and wasn’t happy with the time.

When I started the WOD (thinking the weight was easy and light) I figured I would end in about 14 minutes.  That’s about 4+ minutes a round.  Nope 17 something when I moved to pullups/ring dips.  I finished at exactly 19 minutes.  Not happy. The time limit was 20 min.  I finished.  I wasn’t last (which doesn’t matter anyways) but even when I was done, I was recalcualting reps.  I guess the bottom line is that I need to  multi task better when counting large reps or just learning to trust myself more.  Lets see if in the next 77 days, I can improve on that too.

I skipped part 3 to concentrate on foam rolling today.  2 minutes each leg of couch stretch I hope will make sure I can walk tomorrow.  I don’t have my food tonight b/c I’m not home and can’t remember my password to the WW site (that’s what I get for having my computer remember it for me).  I do know that my dinner plans made an unexpected turn and didn’t happen.  I got to my brothers hoping to find something that I could eat, but that wasn’t really the case (unless I wanted chips and stuff).  So I walked around Hannaford and didn’t find anything appealing (problem number 1 was I was beginning to starve and have weird cravings.) I left the store and only purchased a large bottle of water.  Went across the street and got a quick sandwich (haven’t had a sandwich since Jan 1) from DD’s but I can figure the points out.  I was staring at the donuts but I was strong and walked away without them! 🙂  I will post today’s food tomorrow too!

Good Night!

Until Tomorrow….Being Better Than Yesterday




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