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Taking it Back To Basics….Result A PR!

Last week on Wednesday, Dean and I went back to basics for our session.  We were contemplating what would come up in the Crossfit Open workouts, so we worked on kettlebell swings and push ups.

When we were working on the push ups, I did 4 strict push ups.  Than I did some on the knees.  He was surprised that I could do strict push ups. I can but not fast and not that many.  We than did push ups on a ballistic box. Than we moved to a 24 inch box.  Dean ensured me to not get discouraged because we would be taking steps back.  He reassured me that I would be getting stronger in this process.

The funny thing is I never got discouraged during this process.  I understand it.  I’m actually happy about it.  Happy about going backwards…YUP! That may not make sense to some, but it really helps me.  I trust Dean like I do the rest of the coaches at ACF/CCP.  They have our best interest at heart.  Dean told me that I was to do push ups with the box for the next 2 weeks.  I felt it in my shoulders the next day more than I have in the past with doing push ups.  I felt good  in knowing that I was a little sore and I went back to square 1. 

Today was the first day that  I did push ups since last week.  We did 10 rounds of 15 deadlifts and 15 hand release push ups.  We had 20 minutes.  Now we last did this WOD on January 20, and I did 75# and didn’t finish in the 15 minute time cap.  I wouldn’t quit and stayed and finished that day. 

Today I went up to 85# on the dead lifts.  I did the push ups “Dean” style.  I took 3 minutes off of my time! 3 minutes!! That’s crazy! If this is only what happens with going to back to basics, after a few days,  what will happen after 2 weeks?

Have you thought about going back to basics???


Crossfit Games???? I must be NUTS!

So anyone in the Wonderful World of Crossfit, knows that tonight is the Eve of Crossfit Games announcing the first WOW (Workout of the week)! To non crossfitters, this means nothing…but to crossfitters around the World, it’s like we are 4 years old on Christmas Eve awaiting Santa Claus to bring us a new toy.  It’s unnerving.  It’s anticipation of what’s to come.  It’s exciting.  It’s scary.

Last year, I did 5 of the 6 WOW’s during class time and couldn’t even think about competing for the games.  The best thing about the Crossfit Games, is that anyone can participate.  Although scaling isn’t an option…I’m prepared.  I know that I’m not going to be the firebreather on the Albany Crossfit Team.  I don’t know if I ever will be.  I’m ok with that.

I made the decision to sign up for the games a few weeks ago.  I know what I was getting myself into.  I’m prepared for not being able to do some or all of the WOW’s.  The fact that I can help ACF in a small way with my score, just makes me want to push myself harder.

I have never been one for competitions (hence why I take pictures).  But I am prepared for this.  DOing the WOW’s for the Crossfit Games, will be interesting.  But unlike competitions, there’s no stage fright because of large crowds watching.  I will be doing the WOW in the safety of my own box.  At my normal time. With my support groups (aka my fantastic 7 am crew).  I ‘m prepared for failure.  I’m prepared for no reps. I’m prepared to learn about myself.  I’m prepared to take criticism.  I’m prepared to be challenged.

Bring on the 2012 Crossfit Games!!

Now food today…not so good but tomorrow starts Lent…so no chocolate or sweets. And I’ve already reached out to Dean and my WW support group for assistance!!  But I did get in over a gallon of water today!

The WOD wasn’t good either.  Didn’t hit my 1 rep max on back squats but I got to back squat with Amanda and Firebreather Laura so that made up for it!

~~~Until Tomorrow~~~~

Being Better than Yesterday!

Climbing High…Cargo Net Style


So like most crossfitters, I eagerly await for the WOD to be posted for the next day.  Last night I clearly didn’t see the weights very well but I did see a lot of rope climbs.  Now I won’t even touch the ropes, so I was prepared for pull-up and push ups instead.

When I got to the gym today, I practiced my tripods…slowly staying longer which is progress.  Than Dean went over the WOD.  He explained that each round the weight should go up which I had been confused about.  Than he explains that if you can’t rope climb, feel free to use the cargo net and he doesn’t care if you go up all the way, half way or 3/4 way up.  Well, i said, WTH….go for it.  I went to the cargo net and was nervous.  Very nervous.

One step and another step and I realized I was climbing.  I got about 3/4 of the way up that first time.  I knew that it was going to take my upper body strength out of me climbing so I started going about 1/2 way up.  I almost fell off a few times as fellow athletes were climbing off/on the rope.  At one point I was almost facing the opposite direction.  Now each time I climbed, I used the cargo net that Dean had angled.  I tried the one going straight up and down once, but freaked out.  But each time, I gained more confidence on the net.

The cleans were pretty easy.  55, 765. 95, 95, and I failed at 105.  I wasn’t upset that I failed at 105 because I couldn’t get my hips into it plus I was still coming off of the high of climbing the cargo net ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!! I thought it was crazy that I did that, but once again, I conquered a fear!! I looked down and realized how far I had come both literally and figuratively.

I really don’t know where I would be in my life if it wasn’t for crossfitting.  I wouldn’t have been pushing myself daily for the last 18 months, that’s for sure.  I still have fears. and sucks, but day by day….I’m Being Better Than YEsterday!!! Now I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Now food wise….weak today but I wasn’t expecting to be at appointments as long as I was today.  I drank 70 ounces of water.  Stretched for about 20 minutes post wod too.


Until Tomorrow….Jonesy

2  large egg(s)
3  slice(s) crisp cooked bacon
1  oz pancake syrup
1  slice(s) french toast
Subtotal 14
1  Tbsp jelly
1  Tbsp homemade hummus
1  cup(s) fresh spinach
2  Tbsp chunky peanut butter
2  serving(s) Cannon Cake
Subtotal 7
1/4 cup(s) shredded reduced-fat Mexican-style cheese
3  cup(s) cooked spaghetti squash
1  cup(s) canned tomato sauce with tomato tidbits
Subtotal 2
1  container Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt Blueberry greek yogurt, fruit on the bottom, 4 oz
Subtotal 2
Food PointsPlus values total used 25

Refocusing Goals and Winning!

So we are about mid-way thru the 90 day challenge.  And as I expected, I hit a slump.  I hit the wall head on and wasn’t wearing a helmet.

I’ve been working alot.  Stress at work builds up about now because we are in week 8 of 11 at my job.  It’s about this time of year, that my staff starts going crazy.  I love my job.  I really do but one of my biggest problems is that I work in food service.  So food is constantly around me.  And it’s not good food.  It’s pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, chocolate, ice cream, fresh baked goodness, etc etc etc.  The list is endless of the food that is constantly around me.  Oh I better not forget the jar of chocolate on the secretary desks….YUM.

But I’m not mentioning the fruit, salad bar, tuna without mayo, spinach, broccoli, deli meats, turkey burgers, guacamole, grilled chicken breast, eggs.  The food scales that are available for easy portioning.

See when it comes to food, I sometimes have blinders on.  I can only see chocolate, chips, and sugary cereal.  I want to have those things and nothing else.  I have definately learned enough about food to not go and binge on food.  BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t crave it.  Give me a choice between a hot fudge sundae and a spinach salad and I’m taking the hot fudge sundae. I’ve been having some good days, bad days, horrible days, and ok days when it comes to food lately.  I’m not sure  why.  I’ve had alot going on.  WW helps on these days when things get bad b/c I can figure out points if I want to. Some days I do. Some days I don’t.

For some reasons, I can’t keep tracking food.  I’m reaching out to my WW leader.  I will start sending my food daily to Dean again.  I will concentrate on the tracking.  I know tracking what you eat helps.  So why can’t I continue it? What makes me start and stop?  I know it helps!!  Tracking=SUCCESS.  I may try the WW program of power foods.

The 90 day challenge has made me aware of many things.  I’ve been hitting WOD’s consistently.  This week I didn’t get to go 4 days in a row because I had to work 12+hour days and it took alot out of me. I”ve been like the Energizer bunny and lately my body is saying STOP! I’ve been hitting the speciality classes of gymnasty, MELT, Yoga, ladies night when work schedule (unfortunately my job is 7 days a week being the boss) has allowed. It also has made me consciously aware of food and tracking.

I’ve been able to comment on FB and add my two cents to the various support group.  The group is great and I have made some great new friends.  Having the group is great b/c I WOD at the same time with the same amazing group of people but I get to celebrate others succeesses and show support in weaknesses.

I’ve done alot of thinking about why I joined the 90 day challenge.  I don’t think I am going to win.  I never thought I was going to win from the beginning BUT at the halfway point I have WON! Here’s why:

  1. My strength is improving
  2. My waist is getting smaller
  3. My weight is slowly moving down (slow and steady wins the race)
  4. My thighs aren’t rubbing together any more (I’ve actually worn skirts to work)
  5. I have meet new friends
  6. My endurance is improving
  7. I hit a 16 inch box jump
  8. I signed up for the crossfit games
  9. I signed up for the strongman certification
  10. I’ve been getting inner thoughts out of my head and helping others indirectly thru the blog
  11. I’ve increased veggies and decreased fruit
  12. I’ve consistently been having my training sessions with Dean every week
  13. I’ve actually lunged to my knee on the ground.
  14. I’ve gotten on my head in a tripod
  15. The high weights may not be there all together but FORM IS IMPROVING! I’ll take proper form at a 105 front squat over 110 front squat with bad form that will lead to injury

Now my 3 original goals of the 90 day challenge were 1) lose 10 pounds 2) hit 30 14 inch box jumps in 2 min 3) hit Grace RX  I know in the next 5 weeks or so I WILL ACCOMPLISH THESE GOALS! I feel like I’ve already won….in some sense.  Only time will tell who the coaches will vote on, but in my eyes, I’ve already won.

What do you think about your goals for the 90 day challenge?  Have you already WON as well?

Until tomorrow….

Being Better Than Yesterday


My Visit to Crossfit Central

I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged much the last few days.  I’ve been super busy at work. And at home.  I haven’t been feeling well at all.  I came home Saturday night after the throw down and slept for 11 hours straight.  I didn’t even compete and my body was just wiped.  Sunday I got up ate and went back to bed.  I slept thru strongman and slept most of the day.  I woke up and still didn’t feel well.  I got a phone call from my uncle that my Grandpa was in the hospital.  My grandpa is very important to me.  I know how lucky that I am that my grandparents on my mom’s side are still alive.  They are 95 and in pretty good health.

Last year, my beautiful cousin got married in Austin, Texas.  I was so surprised that after 6.5 months of doing crossfit, I was doing research, about crossfit boxes to visit.  Whenever I went on vacation before, I never wanted to exercise unless it was sitting in a hot tub.   I polled the ACF community.  I decided on visiting Crossfit Central.  My grandparents have been on so many adventures over their lifetimes (every state, 5 out of 7 continents) so I asked my Grandpa to come with me when I decided to visit my crossfit box that wasn’t ACF.

My Grandpa asked a lot of questions about where we were going.  He thought I was going to hit my own workout at the “mini” gym at the hotel.  We got to Crossfit Central and were greeted by the lovely Emily Baker.  Check out her blog….very inspirational…

I filled out the necessary paperwork and then they brought me back to their WOD room.  I had heard that other boxes were called garage gyms but I never realized they were actual garage gyms.  CC used to be an actual garage.  I was amazed at how open it was and that their was fresh air inside the gym.  Ben and Crystal were my coaches for the day and they walked me thru their process.  We did a group warmup that included a run…ugh… no running please.  Than we did group stretching.  Our WOD for the day was Cindy! Woo–Hoo, a familiar nasty girl!

During class, Emily had brought my Grandpa out to sit and watch me.  I remember looking up from my Cindy coma, and seeing my Grandpa smile from ear to ear.  He was impressed with my make shift pull ups (jumping pull ups there), my knee push ups and my air squats (that I now know weren’t low enough).  Crystal and Ben were constantly checking on me and cheering me on.  I didn’t miscount any reps (like I had been known to do).  I didn’t hit a PR that day, but I did because I met some amazing people!

After attempting to cool down, Crystal and Ben grabbed the class back together.  We did group stretching which felt so good.  I needed to stretch.  My Grandpa sat in his chair and just kept smiling.  I remember learning about the why people crossfitted there. Crystal was talking to me about her Fuel-21 program.

After class, I was able to talk to Ben, Crystal and Emily some more.  I wanted to grab a picture of them and just as Emily was about to take the picture, someone walked up and asked if they could get in on the picture.  It was owner Jeremy Thiel (who Brett had told me about briefly before I left.  Before this time, I didn’t know about any other crossfitters outside of our box).He was so gracious and really took time out to talk to me and Grandpa.  Jeremy even wrote a blog about my Grandpa shortly after our visit.

It was a great visit for many reasons.  It opened my eyes to what we have at ACF.  It got me out of my comfort zone.  I met some inspirational, kind, sweet people who still reach out to me.  The best part of my visit, was sharing my new-found love of crossfit with my 94 (now 95) year old Grandpa.  Who have you shared your love of crossfit with?

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone by visiting other boxes?

Call Jess and hit a WOD at Collar City.

Lake George isn’t far.

Go on vacation and check out the crossfit main page and find affiliates.

I have now hit crossfits in 3 other states and plan on hitting more!

Take a break from ACF/CCP and experience the whole crossfit experience! You never what you will learn and who you will meet!


Jeremy Thiel and Grandpa

Owner Jeremy Thiel, My Grandpa, Bentura Flores, me, and Crystal Nelson

Me hitting Cindy at CC

Thru the Camera Lens

So there has been a lot of talk about the Tri-State Throwdown on Saturday.  And there should have been A LOT of talk about.  I fortunately, was able to assist in a small part on Saturday.  Here’ s my views on how the day went….thru the camera lens.

I got to ACF about 7:30 AM. Athletes were scurrying about and stretching in every corner and open space on the Court Club.       Athletes were doing final registration and Laura was keeping them all in check.  Kevin was running around making final changes.  I put myself to the side and offered my assistance to Kevin until they were ready for me to start.

A little after 8 AM the 150+ athletes were called into the triple WOD room and the judges were called into their private room.  I grabbed some group shots and was amazed at the amount of athletes in the room.  Some new. Some veterans.  Some first timers competing. Some professional fire breathers.  Some young.  Some old.  All of the athletes had one thing in common they were about to put 110% of themselves into the unknown.

The first WOD was released on Wednesday.  There wasn’t the anticipation of what was going to be put in front of these athletes.  However, they did get to see the first segment of the Kevin/Dean Show.  Kevin and Dean were VERY specific with exactly what they should see for movements.  The judges were briefed in the next room by Sean on EXACTLY what counted.  Everyone was told that no reps would be called. This was serious stuff! And than the first 3…2….1….of the day.

The triple WOD was set up precisely and clearly with where athletes should be.  27 spots were soon filled with athletes and judges.  I was trying to maneuver my way thru the maze without getting in the way.  I bumped into a judge.  I was trying to walk backwards and not miss anyone.  I wasn’t sure how many heats there were but about round 4, I got into my rhythm.  I knew who to concentrate on.  I tried screaming and supporting my fellow ACF’ers.  I screamed as I got that picture of people alternating box jumps and step ups.  I switched lenses to get the intensity of Niki’s face in the OHS.

Moving on to WOD 2.  I’m thinking during this WOD, should I be competing or volunteering.  The WOD for scaled is Grace at 65#.  The last time I did that at that weight, I did it 2X in an hour and both times were under 4 minutes.  UGH…but I get over the thought quickly b/c I know where I want to be at in order to compete and I know that I’m not there yet.  Watching the upcoming firebreathers, hitting their handstand push ups (for some the first time) was eye-popping.   Shout out to Ali for her heart and not getting mad at me for focusing right on her.  I was trying to concentrate on taking pictures but I was screaming for my friends too.

WOD 3 was my favorite.  I loved watching athletes try something new for the first time.  The continental clean is a tricky one if you are not careful.  I had never touched one of those axels until 2 days prior to my strongman competition so I know what was going thru the minds of some of the athletes.  I actually showed some how to use it before the first heat.  It’s a tricky thing but watching some amazing women throw up high numbers makes me speechless.  (the men were pretty good too) 🙂

Wod 4 was great.  A personal shout out to my girl Rhi.  She said to me before the WOD started, I won’t get 1 deadlift.  I’ve never done that weight before.  Well not only did she hit her 7 deadlifts at (I believe 185#), she did all of her pistols (which was also a PR) and then moved onto and finished her Double unders.  She was there is no other word but AMAZING!!! I know that if the clock hadn’t run out of time, she would have completed that WOD!!

The eliminator was nothing short of spectacular!! Watching Tiff, Kevin, Theresa, and Miwa push thru after the hellish day they just had been purely motivating and inspirational.  Special shout out to Tiff for coming from behind and making it all the way to the final!! How about that finish?!!?  And I got to see the muscle ups up close and in person!!

I love taking pictures but getting to take pictures and support my friends and fellow athletes is one of my all time favorite things to do.  I remember the first day Kevin talked to me about pictures (it seems like a lifetime ago) but I love doing it.  I don’t edit the photos b/c I want to make sure the coaches get the photos and get them posted asap for everyone to see.  Taking pictures of these events helps me improve but I love getting up close and personal,screaming, and shooting  the faces of these fantastic, inspirational athletes.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Everyone that competed deserves a round of applause for their sweat and hard work.  Everyone who worked the event, thank you.  

I was also so in awe of seeing the coaches compete.  Watching you guys actually compete is also jaw dropping for me.  Watching you take what you teach us every day and perform it effortlessly over and over, no wonder we are lucky to have you all as coaches! I wouldn’t want to learn from anyone else!!

Thank you to the staff of Albany Crossfit.  You guys really know how to throw a THROWDOWN!! I know how much hard work went into the planning, preparation, and executing right up to the very beginning.  I know there were long days before, during and after the event.  We are extremely lucky to have such smart, talented, caring and sexy head coaches who know how to throw an event!

I’m so proud of my fellow 7 AM Crew (Jesse, Rian, Mary, Rhi, Stacy K, John, Phil, Stacy J, Desi,) for competeting, judging or supporting each other! Kudos to all of my friends for stepping it up and throwing it all down on this past Saturday.  

To everyone I may have forgotten, I’m  very sorry but GREAT JOB!!!! 


What a Rush…Fly Morning Rush that is…

So a few days ago, I got an email from Caleb asking me with others, to come talk to the Fly Morning Rush crew (Brian Cody, Chrissy Cavotta, and Chad Burkett) about ACF experiences and this “little” competition happening on Saturday, the Tri (now multi state?) Throwdown!! I was honored that Caleb would reach out to me.

A little back story…I joined ACF in August 2010.  At that time, they were running the Fly 92 special (hence why I was asked to talk today).  Anyways, B Codes was doing a FGB workout when I first walked thru the doors that fateful day in August.  (On a completely separate side note…Brian and I need to have a chat one day about when I met him at a radio event a very long time ago….oh vay).  See Brian doing this crazy thing that I have since fallen in love with, I almost walked out the door.

Fast Forward to 18 months and our present day.  I never thought I would be where I am now.  Not only am I healthier and happier physically, but also mentally and emotional.  I never have a bad day at ACF ( day recently) but that’s crazy! Every time I step thru the doors I know that I’m going to learn something about myself.  And if I don’t learn something, I am guaranteed to get a hug and smile from fabulous people.

I was super nervous about going on Fly 92 today.  It helped having Caleb by my side.  I had to send him an email making sure he was going to be there with me.  Not that I thought Chad, Brian or Chrissy was going to bite, but live radio was new to me.  I can check that off my bucket list.  I’ve done so much public speaking in my past for a lot of different crowds, I think I was nervous because once I start talking about crossfit, I feel like I go on and on and on.  I seriously could have talked for hours on the radio but I’m sure they would have lost listeners.  Lucky for the listeners, Brian and Chrissy are great at their jobs and could reel me in!

Chad immediately brought Leb and I back to the “green” room and brought on the hospitality.  Brian stopped in to say hi while songs were playing. He briefed us (mostly me b/c Chad and Leb have done this before) about what to expect.  Chrissy came and got us and immediately made me feel at home in the studio.  I’ve seen pictures of radio studios before but never been in one live.  It’s basically about the size of the new coaches office at ACF with no desk.  You stand with the microphones right in your face.  We chatted while a song played and then it went right into the interview.

I was talking to them and kept shaking my head saying yes….Um note, you can’t nod your head yes and expect people on the radio to see it.  I was literally thinking in my head “hello idiot, no one can see you saying yes…SPEAK”.  Brian than turned it on Caleb.  Caleb was great as usual (although I’m pretty sure he’s exhausted but you couldn’t tell)! The 6 or 7 minute interview seemed like 2 minutes and I wish we could have spoken more.  I honestly believe crossfit could help so many people and I wish people would get over the “cult” like talk that sometimes follows crossfit.  I may have drank the kool-aid, but it’s the best I’ve ever had.

The 20 or so minutes that I spent at Fly 92, was the best part of my day.  I hope to be asked back when I reach my 100 pound weight loss goal 🙂  Good luck to Brian and Chad on Saturday!! Thank you for having us and Caleb thank you for asking me to go, it really was my honor!!

Now if you missed the interview, copy and paste this link and listen!

Now, food for the day…..counting points in my head, isn’t good.  I thought I was completely over my points and discouraged! Turns out I was under and luckily I drank a lot of water but I wasn’t filling satisfied all day.  I need to start power foods with a paleo twist next week.


Thursday, February 09, 2012

2  large egg(s)
3  slice(s) crisp cooked bacon
3  item(s) egg white(s)
1  large banana(s)
Subtotal 9
6  oz deli-sliced turkey
1  cup(s) fresh tomato(es)
1  medium peach(es)
1  tsp honey mustard
1  cup(s) lettuce
1/2 cup(s) Carrots
1/3 cup(s) ice cream
Subtotal 6
4 1/4 Tbsp homemade hummus
1  serving(s) Peppers, Carrots, Brocolli
Subtotal 4
14  chip(s) potato chips
1  Tbsp mini chocolate chips
6  oz 2% Pineapple
keuring hot cocoa – Quick-added food
Subtotal 12
Food PointsPlus values total used 31
Food PointsPlus values remaining 6

Until tomorrow…being better than yesterday


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