Refocusing Goals and Winning!

So we are about mid-way thru the 90 day challenge.  And as I expected, I hit a slump.  I hit the wall head on and wasn’t wearing a helmet.

I’ve been working alot.  Stress at work builds up about now because we are in week 8 of 11 at my job.  It’s about this time of year, that my staff starts going crazy.  I love my job.  I really do but one of my biggest problems is that I work in food service.  So food is constantly around me.  And it’s not good food.  It’s pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, chocolate, ice cream, fresh baked goodness, etc etc etc.  The list is endless of the food that is constantly around me.  Oh I better not forget the jar of chocolate on the secretary desks….YUM.

But I’m not mentioning the fruit, salad bar, tuna without mayo, spinach, broccoli, deli meats, turkey burgers, guacamole, grilled chicken breast, eggs.  The food scales that are available for easy portioning.

See when it comes to food, I sometimes have blinders on.  I can only see chocolate, chips, and sugary cereal.  I want to have those things and nothing else.  I have definately learned enough about food to not go and binge on food.  BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t crave it.  Give me a choice between a hot fudge sundae and a spinach salad and I’m taking the hot fudge sundae. I’ve been having some good days, bad days, horrible days, and ok days when it comes to food lately.  I’m not sure  why.  I’ve had alot going on.  WW helps on these days when things get bad b/c I can figure out points if I want to. Some days I do. Some days I don’t.

For some reasons, I can’t keep tracking food.  I’m reaching out to my WW leader.  I will start sending my food daily to Dean again.  I will concentrate on the tracking.  I know tracking what you eat helps.  So why can’t I continue it? What makes me start and stop?  I know it helps!!  Tracking=SUCCESS.  I may try the WW program of power foods.

The 90 day challenge has made me aware of many things.  I’ve been hitting WOD’s consistently.  This week I didn’t get to go 4 days in a row because I had to work 12+hour days and it took alot out of me. I”ve been like the Energizer bunny and lately my body is saying STOP! I’ve been hitting the speciality classes of gymnasty, MELT, Yoga, ladies night when work schedule (unfortunately my job is 7 days a week being the boss) has allowed. It also has made me consciously aware of food and tracking.

I’ve been able to comment on FB and add my two cents to the various support group.  The group is great and I have made some great new friends.  Having the group is great b/c I WOD at the same time with the same amazing group of people but I get to celebrate others succeesses and show support in weaknesses.

I’ve done alot of thinking about why I joined the 90 day challenge.  I don’t think I am going to win.  I never thought I was going to win from the beginning BUT at the halfway point I have WON! Here’s why:

  1. My strength is improving
  2. My waist is getting smaller
  3. My weight is slowly moving down (slow and steady wins the race)
  4. My thighs aren’t rubbing together any more (I’ve actually worn skirts to work)
  5. I have meet new friends
  6. My endurance is improving
  7. I hit a 16 inch box jump
  8. I signed up for the crossfit games
  9. I signed up for the strongman certification
  10. I’ve been getting inner thoughts out of my head and helping others indirectly thru the blog
  11. I’ve increased veggies and decreased fruit
  12. I’ve consistently been having my training sessions with Dean every week
  13. I’ve actually lunged to my knee on the ground.
  14. I’ve gotten on my head in a tripod
  15. The high weights may not be there all together but FORM IS IMPROVING! I’ll take proper form at a 105 front squat over 110 front squat with bad form that will lead to injury

Now my 3 original goals of the 90 day challenge were 1) lose 10 pounds 2) hit 30 14 inch box jumps in 2 min 3) hit Grace RX  I know in the next 5 weeks or so I WILL ACCOMPLISH THESE GOALS! I feel like I’ve already won….in some sense.  Only time will tell who the coaches will vote on, but in my eyes, I’ve already won.

What do you think about your goals for the 90 day challenge?  Have you already WON as well?

Until tomorrow….

Being Better Than Yesterday



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