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Let’s Try This Again!!

So this is my 2nd attempt to my first blog post, so I’m off to a great start! ūüôā Now let’s see if I can recall everything that I wrote before….

I’ve always liked writing but never thought I was any good at it, so I guess even if no one reads this blog, than at least I can hope to improve my writing.

I’m starting this blog to join some other¬†fabulous¬†athletes in a 90 day challenge at Albany Crossfit/Crossfit Clifton Park (ACF/CCP). ¬†This blog will assist in keeping me on track for food logs which I know I will do for a few days and than fall off the wagon again. ¬†I’m determined to keep this up for the 90 days…..there are some HUGE prizes up for grabs.

I will talk about the challenges of crossfit, my strengths, weaknesses, the coaches, the workouts….pretty much anything and everything crossfit is up for grabs. ¬†I will write about my food and choices. ¬†Most of the athletes will be going Paleo or Paleo-Zone and I will explain those and I’ve had GREAT SUCCESS with Paleo in the past; however, I’m sticking with Weight Watchers. ¬†I’m¬†choosing¬†to do WW, for the main reason of 100% support at home. ¬†I’m going to limit the processed foods and bad carbs because I know that I feel so much better before, during and after workouts.

I need to come up with goals and since I can be a stubborn, bull headed Taurus, I can’t decide on 3. ¬†I have until tomorrow to figure it out so I will get it done!!

So bear with me as I figure out this blogging think and wish me luck in the challenge!!

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me…..Until Tomorrow